Hannah & Mat

Past, present and future. Three-stone settings have a sweet symbolism that resonates with modern couples where each side stone represents a time in their relationship, with the center stone symbolising their present. While traditional three-stone styles typically feature diamonds, different gemstones that are meaningful to the bride or the couple can be used too. Reigniting their popularity by the Duchess of Sussex, the trilogy has become one of the most in demand rings in modern times. While the setting is an ode to traditions, Hannah and Mat chose an unconventional stone that is as special as them. Distinguished by its hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, second only to diamonds, the sapphire's eternal beauty can endure the test of two lives lived, till the end of time.
What made this particular stone such a special part of this piece/your love story?
We loved the idea of a blue stone, and when we were working through the options with Will, we discovered the Montana Sapphire. It was love at first sight! We wanted something classic that felt contemporary, and since sapphires were a traditional engagement ring stone, it filled the “classic” criteria. But the particular colour and rareness of the Montana sapphire (there is only a tiny pocket in the US state of Montana where these stones are found) represented something contemporary in our minds. We loved how its colour shifts and changes in the light, which makes it different from day to day or place to place, so in a way it resonates with the sentiments of our story, and I never get sick of looking at it. We cherish it every day!
Talk to us through the design process from your perspective and what were you looking to achieve as the final result before designing commenced?
Maybe it’s not very romantic, but we are very pragmatic! We wanted, first and foremost, something that was practical and comfortable to be worn 24/7. Beautiful, of course, but also practical. Finding a jeweller who could marry those two aspects and be supportive of those wishes without pushing us to do something “more” was really important for us.  
What was the experience in working with William throughout the design process (from stone selection to band design, to the final result?)
Will’s guidance was invaluable. He was very knowledgeable in all aspects from stones, settings and fit, and was able to advise us on how each option or idea would look, feel and cost while noting any pros or cons. During the process, he always remained incredibly respectful with opinions and encouraging of our own desires. He gave us the space to ask lots of questions, understood us really well and always asked for more clarity if he was unsure. 
How did the proposal happen? 
We had talked about getting married while we were on holiday in Japan and decided the best thing for us was to design a ring together. Still wanting an opportunity to pop the question officially, Mat made the final ring design choices so that he could surprise me. Unfortunately, COVID lockdowns got in the way of a few of Mat’s proposal plans! Not wanting to wait any longer, Mat proposed at our dining table over a delicious lockdown meal ordered from Attica. The intimacy of the moment was perfect and we wouldn’t change anything about it!
The Ring: Trilogy styled ring with 0.65ct Montana Sapphire, flanked by brilliant cut white diamonds and set in 18ct white gold.

Photography courtesy of Really Good Weddings