Earth Day


Being a sustainable business, it is important for us to think of new ways to help our world, minimise impact, and reduce footprint by consciously consuming. This Earth Day, we're sharing another element of the WILLIAM ÉDOUARD business: Jewellery Refurbishment. 
In addition to hand making our pieces using mindfully and ethically-sourced gemstones, diamonds and recycled precious metals, we love refurbishing jewellery for our clients.

Whether an heirloom piece needs a facelift, or a complete refurbishment of old pieces that are no longer being worn, it brings us joy to bring something new to life from something old. After all, a piece of jewellery is forever!

1. Let's take a journey back in time to the original piece of jewellery, how did they look like and what memories did they hold for you?

I was very fortunate to inherit a ring from each of my Grandmothers. The two original pieces of jewellery were both rings with a single stone. Both styles were quite traditional, with yellow gold settings. My paternal Grandmother's ring was her engagement ring, and it was particularly understated as it was made during World War 2. It held a single diamond and was decorated with some engravings that had since been partially worn away. My maternal Grandmother's ring was a gift from my Grandfather and held a red ruby flanked by leaf shapes. I remember each of them wearing these rings and it makes me happy to be reminded of my Grandmothers.  

 2. Every piece of jewellery has a story. What makes this particular piece so special to you? 

I inherited both rings sometime after my Grandmothers' passing, when my relatives had made their peace and decided the rings should come to me as the youngest Granddaughter on both sides of the family. They were sentimental rings for my Grandmothers and pieces they wore everyday. My Grandmothers both hold a special place in my heart, and it was an honour to be gifted their jewellery as a reminder of each of them.


3. What sparked the decision to refurbish these special pieces of jewellery? 

After decades of being worn by my Grandmothers, they had spent many years sitting in drawers unworn. I really didn't want them to continue sitting unused given the beauty of the stones and my connection to their previous wearers. But neither ring fit me, and they were both styles that weren't particularly me. So, I decided to combine the two pieces into one new piece that I could wear every day and be reminded of my beautiful Grandmothers. I was fortunate to have the blessing of my family to create a new piece.      


4. Refurbishing a piece of jewellery is no small feat. What was your vision for the new piece, and how did William help you bring it to life? 

While I knew I wanted to combine the two stones into one new ring, I was at a loss for how to achieve that or what it exactly looked like, but I knew I would know when I saw it. Will and I sat down and discussed how best to achieve my idea from a practical standpoint (size, materials etc.) and then Will drew an initial design in CAD where he could manipulate the placement of the stones. It was really fun to play around with the placement of the stones and I loved being involved in that process. Will allowed me the space to try many different combinations, and when I wasn't completely happy, he expertly interpreted what I was unable to articulate. In the end we chose 18ct white gold with rhodium plating. 

5. Finally, what sets this new piece apart from the original, and what makes it special now?

The new piece is a total showstopper and unlike anything I've seen before. I love how the modern and fine aesthetic holds the two stones, which really shine in their new white gold setting (and after being cleaned up after many decades of wear). The ring is special because it not only connects me to my Grandmothers, but all my family. And I think this connection makes the ring all the more beautiful.