Sunday Stacks with Karissa Sparke

Digital creator, Karissa Sparke, curates beautiful content and is well known for her Sunday Stacks curations.

We collaborated with her to to launch our latest earring collection and spoke with her about Sunday Stacks, earring curation, her favourite WILLIAM ÉDOUARD styles and sustainability.


Tell us about Sunday Stacks. What inspired the idea behind it?

It all started very organically, from posting my first earring photo years ago when I only had 2 piercings, which went viral at the time, to gradually getting more and more piercings and playing with jewellery along the way - because I loved a layered look. I was only doing the odd stack/ear shot every so often, but I then noticed people were really engaging with this style of content so I decided to make it a permanent fixture in my brand around two years ago.

In trying to understand why this content was so popular, I stumbled upon the philosophy that jewellery is something everyone can wear and take inspiration from. 

Unlike fashion and textiles, where people have their own style and also may feel alienated from styled content they don’t feel would suit their own body type, hair colour, etc - jewellery doesn’t care what your hair colour is, what your body type is - it’s something everyone can connect with. 

Where do you start when curating an earring stack?

Often I’m inspired by a key piece or theme and go from there. Maybe I want to highlight a more statement piece, so will scale back the other earrings to let that piece of jewellery shine or sometimes I want to play with a colour or floral motifs. 

I like to mix jewellery around and play with different textures, hoop sizes or the order in which I piece it all together to create something that catches my eye and others’ eyes too.

What is your favourite piece from the WILLIAM ÉDOUARD capsule collection and why?

I’m torn between the Sine Earrings and the Neve Earrings. The Sine because I’m always drawn to simplicity and movement in lines. I love the oceanic, flow element to the piece and how to reminds me of the natural ebbs and flow of life. The Neve earrings - well they just hit the mark between simplicity and the perfect amount of sparkle! I also love any piece that has an unexpected element - the way the earring wraps around your lobe creates an effortless edge to a stack.

When looking to purchase jewellery, do you consider the brand's sustainability practices?

I absolutely want to know about the sustainability practices of the jewellery brands I work with and purchase from. It's an area I’m still learning about and evolving within and I think the jewellery industry itself is still evolving in. I want to know where it was made, how it was made, the intention behind it, how they are approaching sustainability - from sourcing precious metals and gemstones, recycled or virgin materials and the pros and cons of both. There is so much more I want to understand in this space relating to jewellery but one of the things I also want to consider is the quality of jewellery - because I also think of sustainability in terms of the life of an item - how long will it last? 

Karissa's Instagram: @karissasparke | Photography: Karissa Sparke